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USP for National ID
August 15, 2018


Consortium positions for National Identity System rollout and operation Group composed of two local conglomerates and global biometrics leader submits unsolicited proposal to PSA. A consortium composed of Unisys Philippines Limited, L.L.C., Aboitiz InfraCapital, Inc., and AC

Infrastructure Holdings Corporation submitted an unsolicited proposal on August 13, 2018 to the

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to help government accelerate the implementation of the National ID law signed by Pres. Duterte on August 6, 2018.


Future-Proof and Inclusive System

The consortium seeks to provide the PSA with the foundation for a robust, secure and efficient ecosystem to enable Filipino citizens to easily access government and financial services within the digital economy, while preventing fraud. The consortium proposes a future-proof, digital national identification infrastructure, that uses an individual’s biometric information (such as iris, fingerprint and face scan) to authenticate their identity and enable access both face-to-face and online services.

To equip the country and its citizens for the future, the Philippines needs a system that enables all Filipinos to participate in the digital economy. The proposed national identification infrastructure will deter fraud while enabling long-term financial and social inclusion for all Filipino citizens.

The benefits of the system go beyond having a physical ID card as an individual’s biometrics will be used to authenticate a person’s identity in a highly secure manner. The proposed platform will enable all citizens to access services from traditional and non-traditional financial institutions, and government, such as healthcare services, without having to carry an identity card.


Globally-Tested System

The proposed system will collect, store, maintain, manage, and authenticate an individual’s information is benchmarked with the most successful and robust national identity systems around the world. Countries that use similar Unisys systems for their national identity applications include Mexico, Malaysia, South Africa and Angola. The proposed system exceeds the capabilities in the national identification solution implemented in India. Like these projects, the objective of the proposed national identification infrastructure is to empower the Filipino citizens with unique identity and a digital platform.


Security and Data Privacy

As provided for by the National ID law, the data managed by the proposed system will be housed and controlled by the PSA in the Philippines, and supported by the private sector using the latest and most secure technology. Each individual will have the ability to control how and when their biometrics and other personal information can be used, with PSA serving as the caretaker of their data.


Contact Person:               

Joseph Anthony M. Quesada


About the Companies

Unisys Philippines Limited, L.L.C.

Unisys is a global information technology company that builds high-performance, security-centric solutions for the most demanding businesses and governments on Earth. Unisys offerings include security software and services; digital transformation and workplace services; industry applications and services; and innovative software operating environments for high-intensity enterprise computing. We build better outcomes securely for our clients across the Government, Financial Services and Commercial markets.


Aboitiz InfraCapital, Inc.

Aboitiz InfraCapital (AIC) undertakes all of the infrastructure and infrastructure-related investments of the Aboitiz Group, advancing business and communities by providing innovative infrastructure solutions. Aside from AIC, the Aboitiz Group’s other infrastructure units include Republic Cement and Building Materials, Inc., Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.’s (AEV’s) partnership with CRH plc, and Apo Agua Infrastructura, Inc., a joint venture between AEV and J.V. Angeles Construction Corporation that will build one of the country’s largest private bulk water supply projects.


AC Infrastructure Holdings Corp. AC Infrastructure Holdings Corporation (AC Infra) is Ayala Corporation’s wholly-owned subsidiary established to strategically develop projects to support the growing infrastructure needs of the public and private sectors in the areas of mass transportation, mobility, and fulfillment solutions services. The company invests in strategic solutions, technologies, and platforms to meet the urgent need for efficient, reliable, safe, and reliable modes of transportation infrastructure and services that would connect and move people, goods, and services across the country.

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